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Friday, July 8, 2016

Chapter 4 - Teacher as Writer

Like many, I have never considered myself a writer and only since graduating college have I discovered a true love for reading and actually consider myself a reader.  The most important concept I took from Chapter for is changing the picture of writing.  In the opening part of the chapter the authors discuss the difference between a google search of reading and writing.  I have never loved writing but I have always been successful in academic writing.  I love to speak and I have always seen the natural connection between speaking and writing that many students (and teachers) miss.  Despite that, I still, like many, have always seen writing as a chore.  However, there are a few stand out experiences where I found myself in a comfortable zone and felt inspired to write.  I would like to search for that place again and inspire that in my students.

I am still working out how I would like to better implement writing for me students the coming school year.  I see a lot of teachers making a large attempt to get students writing more frequently but it is through daily journals and students either blow them off or view them as a chore.  I do not want to continue the regimented forced writing.  Somehow I would like to see a weekly writers workshop time implemented into my lesson plans.  The greatest struggle that I see for student writers is the environment.  Currently, I am sitting on my couch with a blanket and the television on in the background.  I feel comfortable and free to think, write, and revise.  It will take great efforts to make a classroom conducive to genuine, joyful writing, which seems slightly ironic.

If anyone has any experience with writers workshops or encouraging their students to write more freely and genuinely, please share!

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